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Today 21 April 2015
19.11.2013, 15:24
Meeting with young scientists proposed for Presidential Award

ANAS President acad. Akif Alizadeh met with young scientists proposed for “Presidential Award for Youth”. Akif Alizadeh highlighted the significance of the Order dated July 2, 2013 by President of AR on “Presidential Award for Youth” in order to implement “Azerbaijani youth in 2011 and 2015” State Program, and to encourage the achievement of the youth in the spheres of culture, including literature and the arts, education and social activities.

Award consists of 10 thousand AzN, diploma, a medal and a certificate, noted ANAS President. In order to ensure the execution of the decree, an expert committee has been created for defining nominators to be submitted by the decree of the Presidium of ANAS.

Academician-secretary of ANAS corresponding member of ANAS Rasim Alguliyev noted 38 young scientists have been nominated by research institutions of ANAS. Proposals were discussed in the bureaus of the department, 24 people were elected. Nominations of 3 young scientists will be submitted to the Presidium of ANAS till 20 November 2013.

Finally, 24 young scientists who gained academic achievements have performed in front of an expert committee. ©All rights are reserved. Citing to is necessary upon using news.