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AZ1143, The Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, H. Javid ave., 31


(994 12) 4417425, (994 12) 5395626


(994 12) 5395668

Acting Director: Issa Akber oglu Habibbayli
Doctor of phological sciences, Vice-President of ANAS
Deputy directors:

Teymur Hashim oglu Kerimov
Doctor of Philology

Maharram Pasha Gasimli
Doctor of Philology

Deputy directors on science
Phone: (994 12) 5395625, Fax: (994 12) 5395668

Vahid Abdulla oglu Rahimov

Deputy directors of common affairs

Scientific secretary:

Nikpur Mirhuseyn oglu Jabbarli

Candidate of philological sciences

Phone: (994 12) 4395626, Fax: (994 12) 5395668

Main area of activity of organization:

The history and history folk-lore, collection and publication, the historical periods and development regularities of the Azerbaijan: literature from the very ancient times up to date, theoretical problems, literary links, literary process in South Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani literature abroad, combined Turkic literary monuments, publications of modern and classical literary heritage.

Main scientific achievements made over the last five years:

For the last 5 years 70 books (6 of them were printed abroad) were published on the series of Azerbaijani literature sources, classification of of historical periods and development regularities, and in the direction accompanying the national literary monuments to the scientific publicity as well. More than 30 international, Regional and Republication conferences were held which were devoted on the historical practice of international literary links and present situation, folk-lore heritage, jubilees of classics.

Brief information on the organization's history:

The Institute was founded in 1932. In the 30-th it was included to the Azerbaijan branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. After foundation of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR in 1945, the Institute of Literature formed a part of it. At the end of the 40-s it was united with the Institute of Linguistics. Since 1969 the institute is functioning under name of Nizami Institute of Literature.

Total number of employees:


Information about structural units of the organization:

Department of Ancient Period Azerbaijan Literature

Department of New Period Azerbaijan Literature

Department of XX Century Azerbaijan Literature

Department of South Azerbaijan Literature

Department of Literature theory

Medieval Azerbaijan Literature

Contemporary Literary Process

Azerbaijan Literature Abroad

Historical Poetics


Azerbaijan Turkish Studies Centre

"Internet and Intellect" laboratory

Doctors of Sciences