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Address: 9, B.Vaxabzade St., Baku-AZ1141, Azerbaijan Republic
Phone: (994 12) 5390167
Fax: (994 12) 5396121
Director: Rasim Mahammad oglu Alguliyev
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Acmembers
Phone: (994 12) 5390167 Fax: (994 12) 5396121
Deputy directors: Mahmud Rustam oglu Velibekov
Phone: (994 12) 5101530
Scientific secretary: Medina Tajeddin gizi Saidova
Phone: (994 12) 5102760   E-mail:
Main area of activity of organization:

Development of information technology based systems in various areas of activity, creation of intellectual computer networks, ensuring of information security.

Main scientific achievements made over the last five years:
  • Increase of performance of Azerbaijan INTERNET nodes, broadening of their functional capacity and increase of efficiency, including development of algorithms and methods for optimization of search of information resources.

  • A theoretical-game model of decision making over the process of battling active natural threats in corporate computer networks was suggested.

  • Scientific-theoretical basis and architectural principles for synthesis and creation of adaptive systems for ensuring information security in corporate computer networks were developed.

  • Systems for operative processing and intellectual analysis of flight information for some special class of aircraft were developed based on new information technologies.

  • An automated system for static and dynamic detection and tracing of air targets in real-time mode was developed based on geographically distributed radar stations.

  • Methods and algorithms of diagnostics of power systems of some class of aircraft were developed.

  • Methods for application of information technology in macro-economic processes and the aspects of use of the outcomes these methods application in the Azerbaijan Republic were suggested.

  • The algorithms and program means for processing and turnover of electronic documents with digital signatures in Local Area Network of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences were developed.

Brief information on the organization's history:

About the Institute's formation history
The core of the Institute dates back to 1971, when the Department of Computer Aided Control Systems was created within the structure of the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences;
In 1982 the Department of Computer Aided Control Systems became an independent legal entity;
In 1997 the Information-Telecommunication Scientific Center was created on the basis of the Department;
On May 21, 2003 the Institute of Information Technology was formed on the basis of the Center.

About the Institute's material-technical base and working conditions created for its employees

The structural units of the Institute are located partially at the second level, completely at third and fourth level of 7-level building situated at 9, F.Agayev street, and partially at eighth and second levels of the main building of the Academy of Sciences and first level of the building of Presidium of the Academy of Sciences.
More than one hundred of Pentium type Desktop Computers and a big number of various network and peripheral equipment such as scanners and printers are available to the employees of the Institute. All computers are connected to Internet through the network and there is no restrictions on access to them. With aim to provide the Institute's employees with access to scientific-technical information an "Information Service" meeting all modern requirements was created at the Institute. The "Information Service" includes regular library, electronic library, means that allow creation of intellectual information funds based on JDN technology through free access to Internet. The scientists of the Institute are provided regularly with virtually full array of scientific, scientific-practical, technological, popular publications published on the territory of the Former Soviet Union. The scientists of the Institute have an opportunity to subscribe to such important sources of information published in English as IEEE, ACM and have an access to e-journals published by such publishing houses like Springer and Blackwell. The scientists of the Institute are updated regularly on all international conferences and events in the field of information technology planned all over the world.

The Institute's cadre potential
Actually the Institute employs 240 staff. It can be said that all segments of IT profession are represented at the Institute by highly qualified specialists. Three Academicians, seven Doctors of Sciences, fourteen Candidate of Sciences, nine aspirants and twelve dissertants are actively involved in scientific research at the Institute. Over the recent years, the Institute supplied its qualified specialists to the various enterprises and establishments such as BP, Azercell, law enforcement bodies, RISK Company, INTRANS, Azerin, UN Office, SINAM Invest, ADANET, the Economics University, University of Construction Engineers and Architects, Public Administration Academy, National Bank, Customs Committee, Ministry of Taxes, AAK, UNESCO, OSCE Office in Kosovo, commercial banks, firms etc. 

  • The main scientific-technical achievements of the Institute
    For the first time in the country practical results have been obtained in application of  global network technologies such as X.25, SNA, DECNET, TCP/IP etc. in a form of creation of Moscow-Baku-Tbilisi X.25 network.
    For the first time in the country, the LAN technologies such as ALISA, ARJNET, ETHERNET, wire-based and wireless, etc. have been studied and applied at various organizations.
    For the first time in the country the WEB-technologies have been familiarized with and the web-site of the Academy,
    For the first time in the country the pilot corporate network was created for the Presidium of the Academy.
    For the first time in the country the digital signature technology has been applied
    in corporate network environment of the Academy.
    For the first time in the country the electronic documents turnover system has been developed and applied within corporate network environment of the Academy.
    An Intranet with the elements of artificial intellect, still unrivaled and unique in the country, connecting the Presidium of the Academy with all its sections and departments, Academicians, Correspondent Members of the Academy, Doctors of Sciences, academic institutes and organizations, departments and laboratories, the web-portal containing 3242 files, or in other words, 120 books of 200 pages each of information in Azeri, English and Russian dedicated to various academic organizations, have been developed and put in operation.
    For the first time in the country audio and video conferences have been organized over the Internet.
    A number of state significance works have been undertaken in direction of  increasing the defense power of the country:

  • Development of system for operative processing of flight information recorded by flight recorders, or "black boxes", of fighter aircraft, which is successfully used at all military air bases in the country;

  • Development of system for recognition and tracking of air targets within air defense system that allows transfer of data over specially designed corporate network to the central command point in real time mode;

  • Development of special corporate network for provision of military air bases with meteorologic data;

  • Development of system for control of passengers inflow at all stations of the Baku City Subway. At the same time, the manufacturing of plastic tokens used in that passengers control system was organized at the Institute;

  • Development of special purpose technological corporate network for recording and processing of operational radio and telephone communications between train operators, duty officers and dispatchers of Baku City Subway;

  • The engineers and technicians of the Institute have actively participated in implementation of the "Virtual Silkway" project in Azerbaijan and continue to provide a number of higher education institutions with steady network services;

  • And the most important thing is that the engineers and scientists of the Institute have first created the national infrastructure of the Internet in Azerbaijan.

The main scientific-technical and practical activities of the Institute
The analysis and resolution of problems of multi-criterial synthesis of networks for corporate information environments of large-scale complicated structure and optimal virtualizing of their resources are being continued. The development of models and algorithms for identification of dynamical working modes of aircraft is being continued. The scientific research is being conducted on the issues on application of information science in the fields of public administration, macroeconomics and social-humanitarian sphere in Azerbaijan Republic and necessary recommendations are being developed. The scientific-theoretical principles of digital economy and certain areas of their application in the Azerbaijan Republic are being studied. The scientific-research work in direction of ensuring information security in corporate information environment is being conducted. Scientific-technical problems associated with application of digital signature are being studied and necessary recommendations are being prepared. The scientific-theoretical principles of knowledge acquisition and management technologies are being studied and various areas for their application are investigated. The methods and algorithms for detection of threats to corporate information systems and networks are being developed. Scientific-theoretical principles of GIS technology are being studied and recommendations regarding the areas of its application in Azerbaijan are being prepared. The scientific-theoretical and practical principles of problems of detection of air targets on the basis of signals reflection, identification and tracking of those targets and long distance transfer of related information in real time mode over specialized computer network are being studied. The projects on design of intellectual information services systems, including electronic libraries, are being prepared and measures are undertaken on wide proliferation of these resources. The methods and algorithms based on CDN and SAN technologies for creation of dynamically formed information resources are being developed.
The problems arising in various fields of activity in Azerbaijan that require large volumes of calculation and need large volumes of memory are being identified and architectural-technological principles and methods for creation of virtual supercomputers for their resolution are being developed. The problems of virtualisation of the processes of transfer and reflection of knowledge in society by means of modern information technology are being investigated. The methods for conversion of technological computer networks and systems of various architecture are being developed and design work is being conducted. The research work in direction of broad application of the Azerbaijan language in electronic information environment and implementation of machine translation from this language to other languages are being continued. The Internet services at I and II Azerbaijan nodes and their services at Intranet of ANAS are being permanently extended,  the scientific-research on improvement of their performance indicators are being conducted and 24-hour operations cycle are being implemented. The work on implementation of "Virtual Silkway" project is being conducted in capacity of base organization for "AzRENA" public association, the 24-hour maintenance and operating services of VSAT, small size satellite station, are being provided, the Internet services to various scientific-research and higher education institutions in Azerbaijan are being implemented. The work conducted in this direction is being expanded on the daily basis. Regular courses in "Informatics" discipline are being run in centralised fashion for  aspirants and dissertants from all over the country at the Institute's Education Center and examinations for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in that discipline are being taken. Based of requests from individuals wishing to expand their experience in IT, the Institute organises and runs courses in IT for such individuals and provides services on certification of their knowledge in this area. CISCO Network Academy has launched its courses at the Institute's Education Centre. 24- hour operation of  portal has been ensured. The services on maintenance, repair and upgrade of more than 1,500 computers and wide range of peripheral, communications, network and office equipment operated at all academic institutions and organisations are being provided.

The main events with involvement of the Institute during the first ten months of the year 2003.

Organisation and conduct in cooperation with the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences of scientific conference "Today's problems of informatisation, cybernetics and information technology". The opening of "Virtual Silkway" project in Azerbaijan with participation of Lord Robertson, NATO General Secretary. Organisation of session with participation of representatives from all higher education institutions located in Baku dedicated to development prospects of "Virtual Silkway" project. Conduct of session at the Institute's Situations Centre with participation of members of Presidium of the Academy and heads and representatives of all academic organisations and institutions dedicated to opening of  portal. Active participation in international workshop devoted to network technologies of the international organisations sponsored and organised by NATO and CEENet (Central and Eastern European Networks Association). Active participation in workshop "Management of e-journals and electronic library resources" organised within the framework of "Library action" initiative of  INTAS. This information was prepared on the basis of presentation made by Dr. Rasim Alguliev, Director of the Institute of Information Technology, during the meeting of the members of the Scientific Council of the Institute with Ms. Maleika Abbaszade, the Head of State Commission on Admission of Students to Higher Education Institutions and National Coordinator of "National Strategy on Application and Development of Information and Telecommunication Technologies for the Sake of Progress in Azerbaijan Republic" project. The meeting was held at the Institute of Information Technology on October 27, 2003.

Total number of employees: 240
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