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Place of Birth: Village Ali-Ismailli, Kedabek region, Azerbaijan Repuplik
Date of Birth: 03 March1941
Education: Azerbaijan Medical University, pediatric faculty
Scientific degree: Doctor of the medical sciences
Title: Professor
Speciality code and title for doctoral dissertation: 14-00-19 - Pathological phisiology
Date of Election as a correspondent member and speciality: 1989, Medicine
Total number of scientific publications: 370
Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 205
Number of patents and certificates of authorship: 38
Main scientific achievements: 

Scientific research works are dedicated to one of the fundamental problems of the practical limphology-limph coagulability and cloboration of its adequate correction in different severe diseases. On the basis of the obtaned results of the in investigations the scientific conception was formulated about the unity of the coagulation, anticoagulation and fibrinolisis system in the whole chein (blood, interstition, limph) of the humoral transport which has a great scientific and practical inportance. In this problem 8 doctor and 24 candidate dissertations were defended, in Azerbaijan the whole scientific school "limphologists" was formed.

As a result of these investigations it was first established that the limph  as well as the blood may coagulate and from thrombs, obstruct the opening of limphatic capillaries and vessels, so disturbing the important drainage function of the limphatoc system.

The later, embarrassing out flow of the toxic substances, large molecular particles, remains of the damaged cells from the intercellular spaces, promotes development of endotoxicosis on the cellular and tissue level. All of this increases the course and outcome of such severe states as trombosis of the magistral veins, postreanimation disease, myocardial infarction, peritonitis, pneumonia, ect. On the basis of the mineral and vegetable resources of Azerbaijan the remedies prossessing lymphotropic properties were elaborated for adequate correction of the pathophysiological changes in the lymphatic system. He first in the former USSR by our initiative the PSIZ was organized to eleborate  lymphotropic biologically active substances and approximately 40 limphotropic substances were revealed. Among them glyciram and nicomorfolin are now used in the therapy of different diseases as an effective lymphotropic remedies.

of candidates: 24
of doctors: 8
Titles of main five scientific publications:
  1. Practical limphology. Baku, Maarif, 1982, 302p.

  2. Blood and lymph Coagulations, its Correction in Thrombosis. Baku, Azerneshr, 1985, 231p.

  3. Basis of the Medical Lymphology. Moscow, Medisina, 1986, (the III and IV chapters)

  4. Myocardial Infarction. Cardiac Lymphatic System, Pathophysiology and pathophysiological Basis of Therapy. Moscow, Medisina, 1989, 222p.

  5. Correction of Clotting and Fibrinolitic Disorders of Blood and Lymph. Sov. Med. Rev. G. Haematology. 1990, part 4, vo13, pp1-22

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations: Member of the international societies of "Pathophysiologists", "Lymphologists" and "Heart Studies", as well as that of International scientific comission "Extremal and Terminal states"
Educational activity: Beginning from the 1966 conducts the practical lessons and delivers lectures in Azerbaijani and Russian at the pathophysiology department of Azerbaijan Medical University.
Position: professor at the department
Place of work and its address: Pathophysiology department of Azerbaijan Medical University. 23, Bakikhanov street, Baku city, Azerbaijan Repuplik
Office phone: (994 12) 4954992
Home phone: (994 12) 4409525