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Address: AZ1106, 159, av. Azadlig, Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: (994 12) 4629387
Fax: (994 12) 4621738
Director: Aflatun Mursel oglu Hasanov
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Phone: (994 12) 46299387
Fax: (994 12) 4621738

Deputy directors:

Tofik Ibragim oglu Suleymanov
First Deputy of General Director
Ph.D. in Technical Sciences
Phone: (994 12) 4629300
Etibar Ali oglu Samedov
Deputy of General Director for science
Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Phone: (994 12) 4620451
Jamil Adil oglu Aliyev
Deputy of General Director for personnel and regime
Phone: (994 12) 4628900

Scientific secretary: Ramida Yusif gizi Alekperova
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences
Phone: (994 12) 4621721
Main area of activity of organization:
  1. Execution of State politics in the sphere of space study;

  2. Working out and executing of national aerospace programmers;

  3. Co-ordinary of workshops within the international projects and participation in them;

  4. Use of space technology achievements for the needs of economics and for the security of Azerbaijan Republic.

Main scientific achievements made over the last five years:
  1. It has been working out of program-algorithmic complex for subject processing and interpretation of aerospace information;

  2. The classification of soil-plant and other natural objects of Azerbaijan Republic by using the date of remote sensing and GIS-technology were carried out;

  3. The base of ground and remote data were created in order to carry out ecological monitoring of Azerbaijan Republic;

  4. It has been working out the complex of technical systems for the study of spectrometric, meteorological and radiation characters of different natural territorial and industrial objects.

Brief information on the organization’s history: Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency (ANASA) was established in 1975 within the structure of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan as the Scientific Centre “Caspiy” and in 1981 on the base of this Centre was set up Scientific-Industrial Association of Space Researches.
The Order of President of Azerbaijan Republic from February, 21, 1992 on the base Scientific-Industrial Association of Space Researches was created Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency.
Total number of employees:


Information about structural units of the organization:

Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency Special Space Device Development Bureau

Institute for Space Informatics

Institute of Ecology

Special Design Office

Special Design-Technology Office (Lenkoran t.)

Experimental Plant of Cosmic Instrument for Testing


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