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HomeStructureActive members of ANASVahid Jalal oglu Hajiev (1928-2008)

Place of Birth: Shusha District, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of Birth: 14 February 1928
Education: Institute of Agriculture
Scientific degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences
Title: Professor
Speciality code and title for doctoral dissertation: 03.00.05 – Botany
Date of Election as a correspondent member and speciality: 1983, Botany
Date of Election as Academician of the National Academy of Sciences: 1989, Botany
Total number of scientific publications: 295
Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 122
Number of patents and certificates of authorship: 7
Main scientific achievements:

Study of geobotanical and phytomelioration problems, plant resources and their preservation; description and regional allocation of plant cover at mountain pastures; systematization and registration of winter and summer pastures; preparation of identification book "Azerbaijan flora" (8 volumes); editing of more than 10 books devoted to flora, vegetation cover and plant resources of Azerbaijan.

of candidates: 34

of doctors:

Titles of main five scientific publications:
  1. Высокогорная растительность Большого Кавказа и ее хозяйственнное значение. Баку, "Элм", 1970, 284 с.

  2. Флора и растительность Талыша. Баку, "Элм", 1979, 154 с.

  3. Растительность Малого Кавказа. Баку, "Элм", 1987, 325 с.

  4. Flora and vegetation preservation of Azerbaijan Urban Ecology. Ege University Press. Turkey, 1999, c 386-391.

  5. Azarbaycanin paxlali bitkilari, Baki, "Elm",1996, 111 sah

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
  1. Academician of International Academy of Eco-energy, 1995
  2. Member of New York Academy of Sciences, 1998
Educational activity: From 1956 to 1981 - Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of Biology; from 1981 to present – Faculty of Geography, Baku State University
Position: Directory of the Institute of Botany.
Latest place of work and its address: Institute of Botany of ANAS, 40, Badamdar sh, Baku -370073, Azerbaijan Pepublic.